Broncos vs Panthers: Five key points

Broncos vs Panthers: The Panthers produced an amazing performance to belt the Broncos at Suncorp Stadium, here are five key points from Friday night’s contest. Panthers vs Bronscos

Panthers Vs Bronscos

Griffin continues to beat Bennett

Panthers coach Anthony Griffin has a stunning head-to-head record against Wayne Bennett coached teams. Griffin has now won eight out of 10 matches against the Brisbane coach, and it must taste sweet for the man known as ‘Hook’, with Bennett sensationally ousting Griffin as Broncos coach at the end of the 2014 NRL season. What makes this record even more special is that fact that Bennett has only won one match, with the other being a draw. It means Penrith have now beaten Brisbane twice this year, and these losses may be the key to the Broncos missing the top four. The Panthers now sit 7th on the NRL ladder and appear to be building strongly towards the finals.

Brisbane didn’t come to play

You’d think playing for a top four position would have you ready to play – apparently not. The Broncos came out for this one with absolutely no energy. It was a lethargic first 40-minutes that was reminiscent to their loss to the Melbourne Storm three weeks ago when they were belted 48-6. Penrith made the most of the Broncos’ lack of interest – jumping out to an 18-0 lead at the break. The Panthers were playing for a spot in the top eight and they showed it – producing a performance full of enthusiasm and desperation.

Bitter sweet night for Blake

Waqa Blake had the best of both worlds early in the one-sided clash. If you look up the term ‘bombed try’, you might just see Blake’s name. The 21-year-old knocked on running into a huge gap just metres from Brisbane’s try line. He would have been a certainty to score if he had caught the football – so much so that Blake’s knock on was adjudged to be over the try line, with the referee even calling a 20m tap to the Broncos.

But to his credit, Blake bounced back moments later. Brisbane moved into the Panthers’ territory off the seven-tackle set and looked certain to create a try-scoring opportunity. Ben Hunt put an attacking bomb up and the Brisbane chasers soon followed. Blake rose above the pack and knocked the ball back towards his own try line, and regathered the ball under enormous pressure from the Broncos’ chasers. He beat them all and clear space was all that was ahead of him. Running 100 metres, Blake crossed under the posts and atoned for his earlier error. One wrong doesn’t make a right, but Blake sure made up for his blunder – giving Penrith the perfect start. His night then ended in the 27th minute when he was knocked out cold going for a spectacular catch.

Oates struggling with confidence

There is no doubt that Corey Oates is a confidence player. The Queensland winger dropped a bomb early in the match and it had a major impact on the rest of his performance. That error led to a James Fisher-Harris try that gave the Panthers a 12-0 lead. Oates’s head proceeded to drop, and the 21-year-old then made another error as Brisbane approached Penrith’s line. The Panthers proceeded to target Oates – bombarding the Broncos winger with bomb after bomb. Oates was not his reliable self, hesitating whenever a kick went towards him. At one point Oates stuck his leg out at a bomb as he was not confident enough to run hard and try and take it on the full.

Suncorp silenced

In a rare sight, fans began streaming out of Suncorp Stadium 12 minutes from full-time. It was a crowd that was stunned by Brisbane’s lack of intent. Normally Lang Park is filled with a chorus of chants and cheers, but on Friday night it was instead filled with groans and sighs as the Broncos made countless mistakes – 11 to be exact. A fan base that has grown behind constant success is now being tested as Brisbane struggle to live up to the pre-season hype that had them as premiership favourites.


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{Panthers vs. Broncos}: Super Bowl 50 TV Info, Spread, Injury Updates, Game Time

Panthers vs. Broncos:Super Bowl  betting is starting to even out a bit compared to action in the first week. Panthers vs. Broncos After the spread reached six points a week ago, it looked like it might go higher since 60 percent of the action had come in on the Carolina Panthers. A week later, Denver money has started to come in.

Panthers vs Bronscos

The spread has been driven back down to Carolina being favored by 5.5 points, and 56 percent of the bets have been on the Panthers, according to Odds Shark.

That’s a fairly notable change from the first week of betting action on Super Bowl 50.

Super Bowl 50

When: Sunday

Where: Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California

Kickoff Time: 6:30 p.m. ET

Live Stream Online: CBS Sports

TV Broadcast: CBS will broadcast the game live and will start its pregame show at 2 p.m. ET.

Live Stream: This year, will stream the game live. You can also watch on the CBS Sports Channel/App on Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One and Windows 10.

Perhaps it’s more people taking note of Denver’s top-ranked defense. It’s clear the Broncos would not have reached the championship game without the play of that unit. The defense came up with a huge effort in the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots, holding Tom Brady to one touchdown pass, and that didn’t come until the game’s final seconds.

When Bradley Roby intercepted Brady’s two-point conversion attempt, the Broncos earned their spot in the Super Bowl. Brady had 310 passing yards in the game, but it took him 56 passes to get that yardage. That’s just 5.4 yards per attempt, and if the Broncos can do the same to Cam Newton, they’ll have a chance to extend this game deep into the fourth quarter and possibly steal the victory.

Injuries are likely to play a role in this game, and the Panthers had eight players listed on the injury report, per Pro Football Talk. The most significant may be the forearm injury suffered by star linebacker Thomas Davis in the NFC title game. He had surgery the day after the game but intends to play against the Broncos. Davis participated in practice Thursday, as did Jared Allen, whose foot injury kept him out of the NFC title game.
Denver had 10 players on its injury report, including Peyton Manning (foot) and linebackers DeMarcus Ware (knee/back) and Brandon Marshall (ankle), but all 10 players participated in practice.

The key to the Broncos’ defensive success in the AFC title game was the constant pressure they were able to mount on Brady. That may be more difficult against the much more mobile Newton. They will want to get after him, but they have to think about containing him if they don’t bring him down with the initial pass rush.

If Newton spots a running lane when his receivers are not open, he has no problem bringing the ball down and taking off. That was obviously not much of a concern with Brady.

Denver defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is aware of Newton’s escapability and football intelligence. Phillips is sure to have Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Derek Wolfe and the rest of Denver’s defense as prepared as possible to combat Newton’s talent and athleticism.It may not matter because Newton has excelled in pressure situations throughout the season. He threw 35 TD passes during the regular season and ran for 10 more scores, and he has developed an excellent rapport with tight end Greg Olsen and wideout Ted Ginn Jr.

Newton’s ability to make big plays to his top weapons could be the difference Sunday.


Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos: Offensive Preview

Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos: Well everyone, this is it. The moment we have all waited for. The moment few of us, if any thought possible in August 2015. We near the eve of Super Bowl 50, where our NFC Champion Carolina Panthers (17-1) will do battle with the AFC Champion Denver Broncos (14-4). It’s been over a week and a half since we last saw the Panthers deliver a brutal dissection of the Arizona Cardinals, though the fun of Super Bowl week has brought the excitement back to its frenzied height. Panthers vs Bronscos

Denver Bronscos vs Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos

All of the talk on the numerous media days covering the biggest single day in American sports will come to a head this Sunday evening. The Panthers top ranked offense with Cam Newton at the helm will take on the top ranked defense with Von Miller commanding. Something will have to give, and it will be up to Newton and the offensive coaching staff to deliver this team to the destiny it has been inexorably moving towards all season long.Bronscos vs Panthers

With that, let’s take one last look at the offensive matchup for the 2015-16 season.

Panthers Passing Offense

The Panthers will have their work cut out for them on Sunday. Not only do the Denver Broncos have a nasty pass rush with guys like LB’s Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware, they also boast perhaps the deepest secondary when it comes to talent in the NFL, especially at CB. QB Cam Newton will have to be extremely careful with the ball, as guys like CB Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, and Bradley Roby will be prowling about in the defensive backfield. All three corners have played extremely well all season, and have been a key cog in the defensive machine that Broncos DC Wade Phillips has been able to create this year. Their pass rush combined with the exceptional coverage ability of the Broncos secondary makes them extremely difficult to play against. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady found this out in the AFC Championship game. Brady was under near constant pressure the entire game, taking four sacks, numerous hits, and being hurried throughout the game. Panthers vs Bronscos Live Stream

The key to the pass game will be the Panthers offensive line and how they react to the scheme of the Broncos defense. Many on CSR have noted two key differences between the Patriots offense and the Panthers. A) while he is a prolific passer, Tom Brady is no mobile QB, and as such cannot make things happen with his legs (very often at least) when flushed from the pocket, and B) the Panthers OL, notably our interior guys, are much better than the Patriots OL. The Patriots had a hard time bracing against the interior pass rush of the Broncos front seven. DE’s Derek Wolfe, Malik Jackson and DT Sylvester Williams anchor the front three of the Broncos 3-4 base defense, and they have done an excellent job of creating a lot of opportunities for the Broncos LB’s to cut into the backfield. While Panthers T’s Michael Oher and Mike Remmers will have their hands full on the edge, it will be up to G’s Trai Turner, Andrew Norwell and C Ryan Kalil to keep a clean pocket for Newton to step into and out of to make throws. If the strength of our line, the interior, fails to hold up against the Broncos interior rush, it will make anything we try to do through the air nearly impossible. While Newton can make magic happen while on the run, it isn’t what our offensive gameplan should strictly be.

I have faith that if our OL can give Newton time that our receivers, mainly TE Greg Olsen will find ways to get open against the Broncos mainly man defense. It will also be key for WR Ted Ginn to stretch the field. Nobody on the Broncos defense has the speed to keep up with him if he gets open on go routes. None of this will mean anything though if the Panthers OL can’t keep the pocket clean. If the Panthers can do that and buy Newton time, these receivers can get open and find holes in the man coverage, much like they did against the Cardinals.

Panthers Rushing Offense

This is where things will get interesting. The main strength of the offense will be pitted against the strongest part of the Broncos defense. Through two games in the postseason, RB Jonathan Stewart has 189 yards through two games. The Broncos on the other hand are allowing only 65 YPG through two games. Like I said above, something has to give. Someone will have to win this matchup, and I believe the key once again will be the Panthers OL. The Broncos down linemen are good run stuffers, and have done a terrific job creating opportunities for the Broncos LB’s to make a play on the RB. We all know how much of a tough runner Stewart is, and that his second effort can result in 2-3 yards more after initial contact. But the Broncos have done an excellent job limiting opposing teams when it comes to rushing yards. A silver lining to all of this is the Broncos have faced two teams this postseason who have literally nothing of note in the run game. The Steelers were down to a 3rd stringer after former Panther DeAngelo Williams was forced to sit out, and the Patriots were one-dimensional, using a dug up fossil of a RB in Steven Jackson to try to keep the Broncos defense honest. Neither team was able to impose their will on the ground because of those limiting factors.

The Panthers run game is a totally different animal. Not only do the Broncos have to contend with a better blocking OL and TE’s, but they have to deal with a terrific north-south back, a human wrecking ball, and Cam Newton. This isn’t me trying to say the Broncos rush defense is bad, simply that they have not faced a rushing attack to the likes of the Panthers. This won’t be a cake walk, the Broncos have shown during the regular season that they can stop the run. The Panthers have also shown it doesn’t matter who their opponent is, they will run the ball down your throat and you will like it. I think the Panthers can impose their will on the ground, and when they do, it will make things much easier in the passing game.

Last Word

We are almost there folks. I am still having trouble believing we are actually playing in this game. No matter what the result, it has been a tremendous year. We have had, literally nothing but highs since week 1. No matter what, we will always remember this year an amazingly unrealistic dream of a season brought to life before our eyes, and that this 2015 Panthers squad is the best to ever take the turf in black and blue. I believe in this team. I believe they will win this game. Many on the outside believe this is Peyton Manning’s game to win, as it might be his last. I might be inclined to think the same if the Panthers weren’t his opponent, but since we are, it has given me another angle to consider. This is Manning’s 4th rodeo in the Super Bowl. As a franchise, this is only the Panther’s second shot (meanwhile this is the Broncos eighth shot, tying a league record). Manning has had his opportunities, and the Broncos as an organization have had too many as it is. This is the Panthers year, it has been since the beginning of this opening week kickoff. We have defied so many odds that it seems impossible we won’t go all the way. We are only 60 minutes away from glory, and from this team entering the annals of NFL history as one of the greatest teams the league has seen. Just Keep Pounding for one more game fellas.

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Panthers vs Broncos meet Pia, reporters at Super Bowl media circus

Panthers vs Broncos: The NFL took a good idea gone surreal — what used to be known as “Media Day” — gave it a new name, added a live cover band and moved the whole thing to prime time Monday to kick off Super Bowl week between the Denver Broncos and Carolina PanthersThis new and amped-up interview-fest came complete with a guy walking around inside an inflatable football and a newly choreographed players’ introduction that involved all 60 players from each team walking out onto a four-story-high catwalk.Panthers vs Broncos
“I had no idea that was a bridge we were standing on,” said Manning, getting ready for his fourth Super Bowl.

Panthers vs Bronscos

And yet, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

“Will you kiss my wife?” one questioner shouted to Panthers QB Cam Newton, who answered his hour’s worth of questions with a sports-drink-themed towel wrapped around his head.
“I don’t think I can do that,” Newton said.
Suffice to say, Manning and Newton — one a five-time MVP, the other a strong favorite to win his first later this week — couldn’t have seen a lot of this coming, no matter how hard they prepared.
Who would play you in a movie? “Maybe a young Robert Redford,” Manning said.
Another reporter — or make that, person with a credential — asked Manning to look into the camera and wish a Happy Chinese New Year to all his friends in that part of the world.
At one point, a reporter from a Spanish-language station cranked up some bass-heavy music and pleaded with Newton to dance.
He passed. “Got to be feeling it,” he explained.
All of this thoughtfully brought to prime time by the NFL for the first time in the 50-year history of the Super Bowl.Broncos vs Panthers 
For decades, Media Day was a Tuesday-at-noonish affair — scheduled so as not to interrupt the teams’ schedules and to give writers the rest of the week to craft the stories.
But this year, the NFL moved it to Monday night, where minor details like dress code, off-color banter and 8-year-olds asking football players questions after bedtime barely raise an eyebrow.
NFL spokesman Michael Signora described the scheduling change as one that allows “more fans (to) experience what has grown to become a very unique, popular Super Bowl event.”
Conveniently, the NFL-owned NFL Network captured all the action live.
Surprising they didn’t do this earlier. It’s a nod to the reality that “Media Day” has long been a “journalism-free zone” — one in which fans have willingly, for the last five years, paid money for tickets that allow them to sit in the stands and watch the madness unfold.
Speaking of which …

Late in the Broncos session, Rocky the Leprechaun — a regular at Broncos games over the years — laid a dollar bill out on the blue carpeting of SAP Center and waited to see if someone would pick it up. Several minutes passed. Nobody did.
“Crazy to see that,” he said.
What makes this week so great?
“There’s a lot of happiness,” said the gnome-turned-sociologist. “This world needs all the happiness it can get.”
Only one team will be happy come Sunday night. The Panthers are favored. Manning is a sentimental favorite; at 39, many people expect he’ll retire after this one.
That was one of the few actual news angles being worked on during Denver’s hour of fun behind the mic.
“I haven’t made up my mind and I don’t see myself knowing until the season’s over,” Manning said.
Also, the Broncos were involved in a minor bus crash after practice. There were no injuries. “Just adds to the intrigue of what we’ve had all year,” Manning said.
Back to the important stuff.
Miss Universe, one of the 5,500 “reporters” with credentials for Super Bowl-week festivities, answered more questions than she asked. Most had to do with Steve Harvey. “Yes, I am the real Miss Universe,” she said, referencing Harvey’s embarrassing gaffe a few weeks back.
WATCH: Pia Wurtzbach lands reporting job at Super Bowl 50
Harvey was a no-show at this one.
No one missed him.
From the costumes, to the beauty queens, to the guys dressed up like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, this prime-time special had pretty much everything — except for Donald Trump, who was waiting on caucus results in Iowa.
Manning was asked to recollect a meeting with Trump a few years back. Maybe someday, Newton will meet The Donald, too.
“I tell kids, that oval-shaped pigskin can take you a lot of places,” said the Panthers quarterback, who won the national college championship with Auburn a few years back. “It’s taken me to the White House.”
And to this place. Kickoff is less than a week away.


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Broncos vs Panthers Pick: Super Bowl Prediction

Broncos vs Panthers: The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will square off in Super Bowl 50. Heavy is taking an early look at what the Super Bowl matchup will look like. Panthers vs BronscosAccording to RJ Bell, Vegas posted an early line during the first quarter of the Panthers and Cardinals game. Vegas had the Panthers as 3.5 point favorites in the matchup.

Panthers vs Bronscos

After fluctuating throughout the NFC championship, Westgate’s Jeff Sherman confirmed the Panthers were opening as four point favorites.According to OddsShark, that line jumped again as the Panthers are now favored by 4.5 points.

Both teams have enjoyed their success due to great defenses. The Broncos demonstrated a great pass rush against New England. Tom Brady was rushed, hit and sacked throughout the game. Denver forced four sacks and three interceptions.

Carolina’s secondary is led by Josh Norman while the Broncos have Aqib Talib. Talib is joined by Chris Harris to provide nightmares to opposing wide receivers.

The weakest unit in this matchup is the Broncos offense. Denver has continued to win despite their offense. While the offense looked much better against New England they will face a different caliber defense against Carolina.

Denver’s defense had great success against Brady, but Cam Newton has an elusiveness that Brady does not have. Newton has the ability to run with the ball when the defense poses a threat in the pocket.

If the matchup holds up, expect a defensive battle between the Broncos and Panthers. Carolina’s offense will be the deciding factor as the Panthers win their first ever Super Bowl.

Heavy’s Pick: Carolina Panthers 27 Denver Broncos 17. Panthers -4.


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